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1.182 FAQ-860 How to create a multi-panel graph by group?

Last Update: 3/1/2018

If you have data with a group column(s) (so call indexed data) and want to plot multi-panel graph by the group column(s), there are different ways.

  • Cluster Plot – can choose to control XY axis scale of each panel separately or share them among all panels.
  • Trellis plot - has limitation of all XY axis sharing the same scale.
  • Multi-Panels by Label - doesn't support indexed data. You will need to unstack the columns before plotting.

If you want to adjust panel orders after plotting, don't do that in graph. Instead, set the group column as categorical (right click on the group column and select Set as Categorical), and then adjust the categorical order. Panel order in the graph will update accordingly.

Please refer to this blog for details.

Keywords:Multi-panel, indexed column, plot by group


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