1.51 FAQ-171 How to plot function plots

Last Update: 1/19/2018

Plot a New Function Plot

Origin supports plotting 4 kinds of functions, 2D functions, 2D parametric functions, 3D functions and 3D parametric functions which are available under the File: New: Function Plot menu and Function Plot toolbar button. Once you select one function plot from the menu, a dialog will be opened to allow you to define the function.

Add function plot.gif

To plot 3D parametric function, you can select File: New: Function Plot: 3D Parametric Function Plot menu to open the Create 3D Parametric Function Plot dialog. In this dialog, enter the Mesh Grid, set the Scale for two parameters, enter the parametric equations for the X, Y and Z variable, and then define the constants which can be used in function definition in the bottom table if needed. Click OK to get the graph. See more [3D function samples]

Note: After you plot a function, you can redefine or customize the function plot in the Function tab of Plot Details dialog which can be opened by double-clicking the function plot on graph window.

Add Function Plot to an Existing Graph

With a graph window active, choose Add to Active Graph at the bottom of Function Plot dialog to add it to active graph.

Function plot existing graph.png

Note: If you choose 3D Function plot while the active graph window is 2D, the dropdown list will not show.

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Minimum Origin Version Required: 9.0SR0