1.93 FAQ-446 What options exist for pasting graphs in other applications?

Last Update: 1/3/2019

1. In Origin, select Edit: Copy Page.

2. In the other application, such as Microsoft Office applications, select Edit: Paste Special. The Paste Special dialog will open.

3. You have the choice of an Origin Graph Object or a Picture.

4. After you make your selection, click OK.

The Origin Graph Object is an OLE object that contains an image of the graph plus the data needed by Origin to reproduce and edit the graph in Origin. The Picture is just an image of the graph. The application may offer editing of the Picture object, but it's possible that such edits may destroy some formatting exclusive to Origin.

Note: Inserting an Origin Graph Object will produce a larger file than would inserting a Picture.

Editing an embedded graph

When you double-click on the pasted Origin Graph Object (and Origin is installed on your computer), then Origin opens with the graph ready for editing. Choose File:Exit when you are done editing.

To edit the embedded graph using in-place activation

As an alternative, Origin objects inserted into a destination file can be edited without leaving the destination application. This editing method works by in-place activation of a subset of Origin's graph editing tools.

To enable in-place activation:

  1. From the Origin menu, select Preference: Options, and choose the Graph tab.
  2. Select the Enable OLE In-place Activation check box.
  3. Click OK to close the dialog box. (If you are prompted to Save as Origin's startup options, click Yes.)
  4. Close Origin.

To edit the graph using in-place activation:

Double-click on the embedded (not linked) Origin graph in the destination application. The Origin graph is now editable by double-clicking or right-clicking on the selected object and choosing from various Origin shortcut menu commands.

Note: In general, in-place activation is not the recommended method for editing embedded Origin graphs; you do not have access to many useful Origin features - for instance, the workbook windows that contain the data plotted in the graph. In such a case you can right-click and choose to Open Origin.

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