5.35 FAQ-736 When running Origin on Mac, can I paste an Origin graph to Word as an OLE embedded object?

Last Update: 5/13/2016

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) allows users to copy and paste Origin graphs to other applications (such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) as embedded objects. You can later double-click the embedded object to open it in Origin for further editing.

OLE embedding is supported only under the Windows operating system. It is not available on the Mac OS. Although Microsoft Office applications running on Mac support it within their group of applications, it is not available as a general mechanism for applications such as Origin.

You have the following two options when running Origin on a Mac:

  1. Microsoft Office is installed under the Windows Partition
    In this scenario, whether you are using Boot Camp or you are using a virtualization software such as Parallels, you can perform OLE embedding of Origin graphs in Microsoft Office applications.
  2. Microsoft Office or other Document Editing Applications installed under Mac
    In this scenario, you can use the Edit: Copy Page as Picture menu item in Origin, and then paste the picture into the other application. Note that this new menu item is available in Origin version 2016 or later. For older versions of Origin, you will need to export the graph as an image file and then insert the image into the other application.

Keywords:: OLE, Mac, Windows, Word, PowerPoint