5.76 FAQ-1079 What should I do when project cannot save with Excel book?

Last Update: 5/18/2021

If your project includes one or more Excel books (no matter internal or external), you may encounter a saving problem with error message similar to the following:

Saving to
failed due to an external Excel book saving failure. You will need to resolve that first and then try saving the Origin project again.

This problem is most likely to happen if you are using Excel 2012 or later.

  1. If your Excel book is saved with the project, first try making the Excel window active before saving.

If that doesn't resolve the issue or if your Excel book is saved externally, try setting @SXA = 1. That is,

  1. Select Window: Command Window.
  2. Enter
    @SXA = 1
    in the Command Window and press Enter.
  3. Try to save the project again.

Keywords:fail to save, bug, internal, external, Excel sheet