2.113 FAQ-1034 How to not use Data Connector when drag and drop data into Origin?

Last Update: 1/1/2020

When you drop a supported data file onto the Origin worksheet or empty portion of the workspace, you are prompted to choose between using a Data Connector or using an import filter file, to import the dropped file. If you specify use of a Data Connector, a Connector will be used to import this file and all future files of this type; otherwise an import filter is used.

Take dragging and dropping an Excel file into Orign for example,

Data Connector is used Import Filter is used
DnD import by DC excel.png DnD import by filter excel.png

To toggle between Data Connector and filter when you drag&drop file into Origin,

  1. Select Preference: Import Filters Manager.
  2. In the Filter Manager dialog,
    • Check Support Drag&Drop box beside the file extension to use the system import filter file for import.
    • Clear Support Drag&Drop box to use the appropriate Data Connector for import.
      Toggle between DC and filter for dnd.png

For more detailed information of how drag and drop works, please refer to the data import documentation and this quick help.

Keywords:import, ASCII, CSV, TXT, DAT, Excel, Connector, D&D, data filter