3.56 FAQ-291 How do I normalize my data?

Last Update: 11/3/2022

Select Analysis: Mathematics: Normalize Columns. You can set your own dialog theme as well as set the operation to auto-update.

To normalize data during import

Many of Origin's XFunction based Import tools supports Script after import, which allows user to automate some tasks at the end of import. Using Import ASCII as an example:

  1. Import one data into a worksheet first.
  2. Select Analysis: Mathematics: Normalize Columns and figure out your normalization settings.
  3. Click > button next to Dialog Theme and choose Generate Script to get script dumped to Script window.
  4. Usually the script doesn't include the input setting. So you can modify it into rnormalize -r 2 irng:=2 group:=1 method:=mean; //this script will normalize data for each group where the group is defined by Col(A). The data is normalized by dividing the data by the Mean. group option in the Normalize Columns dialog is introduced in Origin 2023.
  5. Cancel the dialog since you just want to get the script.
  6. Choose Data: Import from File: Multiple ASCII.
  7. Pick data files and make sure Show Options Dialog: checkbox is checked and click OK.
  8. ImpASC dialog opens.
  9. Specify 1st File Import Mode, Multi-File (except 1st) Import Mode and other settings as you wish.
  10. Expand Scripts node.
  11. Enter the script to Script after Each File Imported box.
  12. Click OK.

==> Import and Normalization will be done together.

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