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5.33 FAQ-727 How to make a multi-page PDF file from multiple graph windows

Last Update: 7/23/2015

Origin doesn't have direct way to save multiple graph windows as a multi-page PDF file. But you can first use Origin's Sending Graphs to PowerPoint to send graphs to PowerPoint. Then, choose Save as PDF Format option in PowerPoint to create a multi-page PDF file.


  1. Send Graphs to PowerPoint will send all graphs in a folder to PowerPoint. If you want to skip some graph windows, you can right-click the graph in Project Explorer and choose Skip Slide.
  2. If graphs are not in the same folder in Origin, you can right-click each graph window, and create shortcuts to them in Favorites folder. Then go to Favorites folder to send graphs to PowerPoint.
  3. To adjust slide order, in the Details view of Project Explorer, first click Slide column header to sort windows by slide. Then, drag graph windows up or down to adjust the the slide order.
  4. To include a layout window in the slides, send them as Pictures rather than embedded Origin objects.

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