1.25 FAQ-139 Can I merge multiple graph windows into one?

Last Update: 6/28/2022

Yes, click Merge toolbar button Merge button.png which is docked on the right side of workspace or select Graph: Merge Graph Windows to merge multiple graphs into one graph. For embedded graphs, activate the sheet that contains the embedded graphs. Choose Edit: Merge (Embedded) Graphs.

  1. In Graph box, use move down or move up bottom to arrange graph order, or use the menu to pick graphs.
    Merge graph image.png
  2. Click the "Preview" button when needed, or check the "Auto Preview" checkbox to display updated preview.
  3. Set Number of Rows and Columns in merged graph. Note: You can set it to be 1x1 so all merged graphs overlap with each other.
  4. By checking Link Source Graphs, the graphs are linked in result graph so that when you later resize or move one layer, others will resize and move together.
  5. Use Add labels in each graph.
  6. After merging, you can update legends so all legends are combined in one box:
    1. Right-click legend and choose Legend: Update Legend.
    2. Set Update Mode to Reconstruct and Legend to One Legend for Whole Page and click OK.
    3. Hold Ctrl and drag the edge of legend to rearrange.
    Merge graph.gif

Sometimes the Merge Graphs dialog can be slow to use if you have many graph windows, for one reason because of the graph preview in the dialog. In such cases, it may be faster if you do not open the dialog, and instead merge from the Command Window.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder in Project Explorer by clicking on the New Folder button on the Standard Toolbar.
  2. Move the graphs you wish to merge into this new folder and make sure they are all open (visible and not hidden). (Use Project Explorer to move graphs from one folder to another by drag-n-drop.)
  3. Select Window: Command Window and type the following: merge_graph
  4. Press Enter and you will have a new window which contains graphs from all the other windows.
  5. Optional: After merging, if you'd like to rearrange the layer orders, you can open the Layer Management dialog from the Graph: Layer Management menu.

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