5.81 FAQ-1113 Does Log4j Java Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 affect Origin?

Last Update: 2/8/2022


  • Origin and OriginPro are based on C++ and do not have anything to do with Apache Logging Library and definitely not using anything that is related to log4J.
  • Originlab Python package also are not using Apache log4J.
  • The InstallShield OriginLab is using is InstallShield 2021, it does not use Code Aware and thus not using Log4J
  • The software licensing that OriginLab is using does not include any component from FlexNet that might be related to Log4J

Please feel safe to install and use Origin and OriginPro.

Keywords:Apache log4J, CVE-2021-4422, FlexNet, Origin, Python, InstallShield