2.59 FAQ-502 how do I take the value in a report to use in my worksheet

Last Update: 7/9/2018

Select the cell(s) you wish to copy and choose Edit: Copy or press Ctrl+C. (Only one, contiguous selection is supported.) Click in the target cell and choose Edit: Paste Link or press Alt+Ctrl+V. These menus are also available from the context menu, opened by right-clicking on a worksheet cell. If you want to transpose the data when pasting, there is also Edit: Paste Link Transpose and context menu.

If you were to edit a worksheet cell that has a linked value in it, you'll notice the notation that is used. For example, if you copy the value in row 6 of column A, then you would see the following: cell://A[6]. If you change the value in cell A[6], all cells that have cell://A[6] will display the updated value. Paste link cells.gif

For more details, see Inserting Links into Worksheet Cells.

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