2.16 FAQ-426 What should I do if import speed gradually slows when importing many files at one time?

Last Update: 10/2/2015

When importing data files, file information will be recorded in the workbook to enable Re-Import. After importing the data files, you can open Workbook Organizer (right-click the workbook title bar and select Show Organizer) and you will find all the imported file path and names are listed in the left panel. If there are many entries (that is many files), the import speed begins to slow down.

To improve the import speed, a system variable (@npi) is provided to preventing recording the import files information into the workbook.

@npi = 1;  // prevent recording the import files info

Note, however, that Origin's Re-import feature is reliant on these page import info file nodes to perform operations.

Keywords:import, speed, slow, many files, npi, re-import