2.18 FAQ-431 Why does my Imported Image display as just black?

Last Update: 10/2/2015

When importing an image file into an Origin matrix, the matrix type is set to be of type image. When the image is a grayscale image such as a 16-bit TIFF file, it is possible that the pixel values are all very small compared to the full range of numbers that could be represented by each pixel. When this occurs the image view in the matrix will appear as all black as there is very little variation in the data over the available data range. At this point you can convert the matrix type from image to data by using the Image: Conversion menu item. Once converted to data Origin will create a new image for use in image view mode. This new image will use a color map that stretches over the available range of numbers in the cells. The lowest value will be represented with black and the highest value represented with white. This will allow to you see details and variations in your data much better.

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