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2.17 FAQ-427 How to bring in data from another Origin project?

Last Update: 3/16/2017

There are several ways to combine data from separate Origin files.

Importing Data from another Project or Worksheet Window

This allows import of selected columns of worksheet data from another project.

  1. With a workbook active, choose File: Import: Origin Project (OPJ)... to import selected columns from your OPJ file.
  2. Select a particular book in the OPJ file and all sheets are listed. If you then select a particular sheet, you get a list of columns from which to select.

This feature uses the X-Function impOPJ. For help with the impOPJ dialog box, see Importing an Origin Project.

Append All Data in Another Project

This option doesn't allow you to selectively bring in data. Rather, you will append the entire contents of another OPJ file, to the current (open) OPJ file.

  1. Choose File: Append or right-click on a Project Explorer folder and choose Append Project. A Reminder Message prompts you to create a folder for the appended file or append the file to the current folder. In either case, the subfolder structure of the appended file is preserved.

Opening an Origin Window File

This is a way to bring saved worksheet (OGW) or graph windows (OGG) into the current OPJ file.

  1. Choose File: Open (or File: Recent Books or Recent Graphs) and browse to your Origin Window file. You can also drag and drop window files.

Note that when you open a graph window file in this way, you bring in supporting data, as well. Right-click on your data plot and choose Create worksheet worksheetName; or double-click on the plot and at the bottom of Plot Details, click the Workbook button.

See FAQ-651 How do I merge two graphs that reside in separate Origin projects onto one graph window?

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