2.79 FAQ-839 How can I remove sparklines from an Origin project file (OPJ) that is very slow?

Last Update: 10/26/2016

Sparklines are "thumbnail" graphs that can be displayed in the worksheet column. If you have a large project file with many workbooks, and those workbooks contain sparklines (displayed or hidden), your system may perform poorly or become unresponsive. In such cases, deleting the sparklines from the project file should fix the problem:
  1. If you can do so, save a backup of your project file with the sparklines.
  2. With your project file open, click Window: Script Window.
  3. Copy the following script to the Script Window, highlight the entire script and press Enter (Hint: make sure that Script Execution is selected at the bottom of the Script Window's Edit menu).
stringarray sa;

doc -e P
	if (%H == "sparkline*")

int nn = sa.GetSize();
for (int ii=1; ii<=nn; ii++)
	win -c %(sa.GetAt(ii)$);

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