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2.88 FAQ-913 How to apply format to multiple worksheets?

Last Update: 1/3/2018

User can save worksheet formats as worksheet theme file and apply it to other worksheets.

By default save worksheet format as a theme is disabled in Origin. To turn it on, first select from menu Tools:System Variables..., double click an empty cell below Variable column, then enter WEF, set its value to 1.

Customize a worksheet format, e.g. change the row height, column width, etc. Right click the empty area of the worksheet, select from the context menu Edit Format.... In the pop-up Worksheet Theme Editor dialog, click Save As... button to save the theme.

To apply the saved theme to multiple worksheets, e.g. all worksheets in the current folder, select from menu Tools: Theme Organizer..., switch to Worksheet tab, select the theme just saved. In the Apply Theme To dropdown list, select Sheets in Folder. Click Apply Now to apply the format to all worksheets in the folder.

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