5.79 FAQ-1096 After upgrade, File: Open Excel and File: New Excel are missing

Last Update: 4/26/2021

For many years, Origin has supported an OLE instance of MS Excel within the Origin workspace, even though it severely limited access to Origin functionality. Over time, users have reported an increase in what appear to be system-dependent problems for which we could find no solution. As a result, beginning with Origin 2021b, OriginLab decided to remove user interface controls for opening an Excel file directly in Origin (File: Open Excel) and for opening a new Excel workbook in Origin (File: New: Excel).

We urge you to consider using the Excel Data Connector, for importing Excel data. The Excel Connector is fast and you have full access to Origin's graphing and analysis tools. In addition, because Data Connectors create a "live link" to external data files, you easily update your Origin project when data in an external Excel file are changed.

If using the Excel Connector is not an option, you can restore OLE access by changing the value of LabTalk system variable @MOE.

@MOE=0; // 0 (default), 1 = show File: Open Excel, 2 = show File: New Excel, 3 = show Open + New

For information on changing the value of a system variable, see this FAQ.

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