2.44 FAQ-480 What is the difference between embedding and linking a graph in a worksheet cell

Last Update: 8/6/2015

Embedding a graph in a worksheet cell means that the graph will no longer exist as a separate graph window in the project. You can also place a link to a graph in the worksheet cell. In both cases a thumbnail image of the graph is placed into the worksheet cell. The image of the embedded or linked graph is printed and exported along with the worksheet. However, if you save the worksheet as a separate child window file (an OGW file) the linked graph is not saved in the OGW while the embedded graph is.

To edit an embedded graph, double-click on the containing worksheet cell to open a temporary graph window. When you have modified the temporary graph window, click the Close button in the upper-right hand corner of the window and the updated graph is put back into the cell.

To edit a linked graph, double-click on the containing worksheet cell and the folder containing the source graph is activated and the corresponding graph window is brought to the front. Any modifications that you make to the graph, show up in the thumbnail that is contained in the worksheet cell (if changes do not automatically appear click the Refresh button).

There are benefits to either approach. Embedding graphs reduces workspace clutter by allowing you to store your data, analysis results and graphs in a single workbook. By default, Origin stores results this way in the course of performing certain analysis operations -- for example, linear regression and nonlinear fitting. When these analyses are performed, the resulting graphs are embedded in a separate report sheet. Other analyses, for example FFT, embed resulting graphs in separate worksheets.

On the other hand, inserting graphs into the worksheet cells as links allows you to organize your graphs, data, and analysis results by making use of Project Explorer's folders feature. Thus, you might have data and results corresponding to multiple experiments in project sub-folders while in the root project folder, you might have a single worksheet containing linked graphs that provide an overview of the results in the project sub-folders. Under this scenario, double-clicking on a particular graph would open the corresponding sub-folder, the graph window would become active and you could take whatever action was needed. Organizing your graphs in folders isn't an option in the case of embedded graphs, as an embedded graph doesn't exist outside the workbook.

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