2.5 FAQ-412 How do I customize Drag and Drop and File Open for various import file types?

Last Update: 9/10/2019

When a file is dragged and dropped onto Origin, it is processed using the following logic: FAQ412 MOD.png

  • If the file is dropped onto a worksheet and drag-and-drop settings were saved to the sheet, the file is imported using settings saved in the sheet.
  • If (a) no matching filter is found in the worksheet or (b) the file is dropped outside of the worksheet, then Origin looks first in the data folder containing the file. If a matching filter is found, that filter is used to import the data file. If multiple matching filters are found, a dialog opens asking you to pick a filter.
  • If no filters exist in the data folder, Origin looks in the Group folder and then in the User Files Folder area, under the Filters subfolder.
  • If no matching filters exist in the <Group> or User Files Folders, and there is Data Connector support for the file type, the user is asked whether the file should be imported using the Connector. If the user answers Yes, the Connector will be used for this and all future drag-and-drop import of this file type. To change this behavior, the user chooses Preferences: Import Filters Manager and checks the box beside the file type under Support Drag&Drop. For more information, see Importing Data by Drag-and-Drop.
  • If the user opts not to use a Connector for import, Origin looks in the EXE path under the Filters subfolder for a matching filter. If the Support Drag&Drop box in Filter Manager is unchecked, or if no matching filter is found, Origin will fall back to using a Connector if it exists; or, if no Connector exists, Origin prompts the user to open the Import Wizard.

Origin ships with many import filters for various file types. Note that not all filters shipped with Origin have drag-and-drop support enabled. To change drag-and-drop settings by file type, choose Preferences: Import Filters Manager, highlight the file type and click the Edit button.

All import file types supported by Origin may also not be present in the File|Open dialog on the Files of Type drop-down. Note that for any system import filter, or for any custom filter you create, you can select that filter in the Import Filters Manager and click the Edit button to further customize and save the filter. The customization dialog has, among other things, a check box to enable display of that file type in the File|Open dialog.

FAQ412 File Open.png

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