5.66 FAQ-932 Why does Origin declare the saving file is read-only?

Last Update: 1/3/2019

Sometimes, when you are saving an Origin project file(*.opju) in Origin 2018b or later, Origin might declares that the saving file is read-only. When this happens, you might check whether you have the User Files Folder(UFF), Autosave, Unsaved, TempSave, and Backup folder on a network drive. Even if you have changed the location of User Files Folder to be a local path, the file's read-only warning might still pops up when saving it.

In this case, please try to move all folders(UFF, Autosave, Unsaved, TempSave, and Backup folder) from network to the local drive.

To change the location of UFF, Autosave, Unsaved and Backup folder
  1. Select Preference: Options menu to open the Options dialog.
  2. Switch to the System Path tab, select User Files Folder, Autosave, Project Backup and Unsaved Files separately and use the Change... button to change the paths to local drive locations.
To change the location of TempSave folder

Here, we don't provide a GUI way to change the path of TemSave folder, so you need open the Registry Editor to:
change value of TemSave key if existing,
add a new key TemSave and give it a value for path.

You can follow the steps in this FAQ to change the registry key value or add a string to give a local drive path for Origin's TemSave folder.

Note: For Origin 2018 or earlier, you only need move the AutoSave folder and User Files folder from network to local drive path to avoid the file's ready-only warning.