1.66 FAQ-191 How to customize a single data point in the scatter plot?

Last Update: 2/20/2020

You can modify the display properties of a single data point, even if it is part of a data plot group. This point-by-point control is only available for common plot types such as line, symbol, line+symbol and column/bar.

To modify the display of a single data point,
  • CTRL + click on the data point. Use the Mini Toolbar, or Style and Format toolbar buttons, to customize the point. Mini Toolbar provides more perperties customization, including adding lable for a single point, and modifying error bar appearance.
  • CTRL + double-click on the data point. This opens the Plot Details dialog box for you to modify all properties of this particular point.
  • CTRL + click on the data point. Then right-click and select Edit Point from the short-cut menu. This opens the Plot Details dialog for this particular point.

The following graphic demonstrates editing point properties using Plot Details:

Customize single point.gif
To remove an existing special point,

Open Plot Details dialog. Right-click on the data point at the left panel, and select Remove from the context menu.

Remove special point.png

Beginning with Origin 2018, you can automatically add special points to the graph legend by Ctrl+L hotkey or right-clicking on the legend and choosing Legend: Reconstruct Legend.

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