1.156 FAQ-807 How can I customize line segments in a Line Series plot?

Last Update: 1/16/2018

In Origin 2017 and later, double click the line series to open Plot Details dialog and customize the symbol settings on Symbol tab. Customize the line settings on Connect Lines tab. If the color is indexed to another column in worksheet, you can right click legend and choose Legend -> Categorical Values... to show the color information in legend.

Line series.gif

In Origin 2016 and older, Line Series (row wise plot) only supports YY or YYY data. It generates a hidden worksheet which contains the actual source data. To customize the line segments in a Line Series plot (change colors of line segments, or line style of every segment, etc.), you can add index column(s) to the hidden worksheet and specify the index column(s) from the Plot Details dialog. For example, if you want to change colors of line segments,

  1. Double click on the Line Series plot to open the Plot Details dialog. Click the Workbook button at the bottom of the right panel. A Workbook is opened.
  2. In the workbook that opens, add a new column at the end. Fill the index colors for each 2-row or each 3-row, depending on how many points in one series.
  3. Return to the Line Series plot. Open the Plot Details dialog again. On the Line tab, select Color: By Points: Index: <the new column you just added>.
  4. Further customize Symbol color or other features as needed.

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