1.270 FAQ-1109 How to create user-defined symbols in Scatter plot?

Last Update: 11/30/2021

If you cannot find a desired symbol in the built-in symbol list (Plot Details dilaog > Symbol tab), you can either create your own symbol in other tools or search a desired symbol online and then use it in Origin.

Method1: Create a Symbol in Other Tool and Import It in Origin

  1. Use other drawing software to create your own symbol.
  2. Save it as *.SVG or *.BMP file.
    Create a Symbol in Other Tool n Import1.gif
  3. Import the user-defined symbol into Origin. That is,
    1. Select menu Preferences: Options.
    2. On the Graph tab of the Options dialog, click a blank cell and press CTRL + F to open file browser. Browser to select the saved symbol file.
    3. Click OK to close the dilaog.
  4. Now you can select this user-defined symbol from Symbol tab of Plot Details dialog or Plot Symbol button on the mini toolbar.
    Create a Symbol in Other Tool n Import.gif

Method2: Search a Symbol Online and Use It in Origin

  1. Search a desired symbol online.
  2. Right click on the symbol image and select Copy Image from the context menu.
  3. Go to Origin. Double click on the symbol plot to open the Plot Detilas dialog.
  4. On the Symbol tab, select Custom Construction checkbox > User Defined Symbols radio box. You will see Add from Clipboard box showing the symbol image you just copied online. Click to select that symbol.
  5. Click OK button to apply it to the plot.
  1. Earch a Symbol Online and Use It.gif

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