2.75 FAQ-815 How do I copy report sheet table and paste into PowerPoint or Word?

Last Update: 10/22/2019

To copy the report table, you can click on the down arrow button on the corresponding table node and select Copy Table(Text) option.

FAQ136 copy report tables.png

With PowerPoint file opening, go to Insert tab and click on Table icon to further select Excel Spreadsheet. Click into the A1 cell in the inserted Excel sheet and use Ctrl + V to paste Origin table into it. After that you can drag the handles to show all the results.


Since Origin 2020, you can copy multiple tables at one time and paste them into an Origin Window or Excel/Word page

  1. Expand the tables you want to copy.
  2. Click the Arrow button at the top of any table to select Copy All Open Tables context menu.
  3. Paste the table group into other Origin window or another application.

Since Origin 2020, you can use the Copy Table(HTML,EMF) context menu to copy current table as a HTML table or EMF image and paste it to a Word/Excel page or another Origin window(Graph, Workbook or Layout).

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