3.136 FAQ-805 How to compare the curves before and after recalculation?

Last Update: 9/22/2017

Origin 2016 SR1 supports copy and paste plot into the graph window. This enables user to quickly compare the curves before and after recalculation.

For example

  1. Do a linear fit on scatter plot --> The fitted curve (red line) is created.
  2. Click on the fitted curve. Press Ctrl+C to copy it.
  3. Press Ctrl + V to paste the line in the same graph --> A black line, Clipb2, is pasted.
  4. Click the green lock and choose Change Parameters... from the context menu.
  5. In the opened dialog, set Intercept Fix at 0.
  6. Now user can visually compare fitted curves for fixed intercept or not fixed one.
    Quick comp.png

Keywords:recalculate, compare curves, change parameter