4.6 FAQ-364 What is the command window?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

The Command Window is used to interactively run LabTalk scripts and X-Functions, and is opened from the Window: Command Window menu. It is comprised of two panels: History Panel and Command Panel. The History Panel (on the left), conveniently stores the history of previously issued commands. (This is stored in a text file, LTHistory.txt, in your User Files Folder.) The Command Panel (on the right) includes Auto Complete for easy use of X-Functions:

  • Type st in the Command Panel - Auto Complete shows two X-Functions
  • Select stats and press Enter
  • Press space key - Auto Complete shows next available arguments

Right-click inside the Command Panel of Command Window and choose Preference... from the context menu. You can then set preference settings for Auto Complete, Prompt and Command History.

See the tutorial on Command Window and X-Functions.

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