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1.36 FAQ-152 How to keep the font size not change when layer gets resized?

Last Update: 3/23/2018

By default, when resizing layers or merging multiple graphs, all text labels including axis titles, tick labels, legend and other label objects will resize with it. Select the text label, the correct font size shows on Format toolbar, but on left corner of Status bar, you will see size(actual) gives different values. This is because the default Scale Elements setting on Display tab of Layer level in Plot Details dialog is Scale with Layer Frame and all these text labels are attached to layer. You can change it to Fixed Factor and set the factor to 1 so that what you set is what you see.

To fix it for all layers in the current graph window

Select Graph: Fix Scale Factors. Enter the scaling factor in the dialog that opens.

Running LabTalk command

Run the following LabTalk script in Script Window.

page -AF; //set scaling factor fixed to 1 for all layers in the current window

For Origin 2018 and earlier versions, run the following script:

doc -e LW //loop through all layers in current graph
    layer.factor=1; //set fixed factor 1
To fix it for existing graphs
  1. Select Tools: Theme Organizer menu to open Theme Organizer dialog.
  2. On Graph tab, select the Layer No Element Scaling theme and set target graph(s) from Apply Theme to drop-down list.
  3. Click Apply Now button to apply the theme to the graph(s).
To fix it for all new graphs created in the future
  1. In Theme Organizer dialog, go to Graph tab.
  2. Right click the Layer No Element Scaling theme and choose Set as System Theme.

Then when creating new graphs, such system theme will be applied to newly created graphs automatically. Note: by default, system theme only applies to 2D graphs.

Only set some text labels with fixed Font

Maybe you want tick labels, etc. still resize with layer but only set some text label e.g. axis title, or some text labels to be fixed Font size.

  1. Right click on each text object (except axis label and axis title) and select Properties… from the context menu
  2. Attach the text object to Page on Programming tab of Text Object dialog. Then this object will not resize with layer.

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