1.214 FAQ-957 How to break the connect line between two adjacent data points of Line + Symbol graph?

Last Update: 4/29/2019

In Origin 2019b

If you want to hide a connect line between two adjacent point or customize it to be different from other parts

  1. Press Ctrl key and double click the left data point.
  2. Go to Line tab and set Connect as No Line to hide it. Note: Instead of hiding it, you can also change line style, width for this line segment.

Before Origin 2019b

  1. Go to the source worksheet
  2. Insert a row with missing values between these two points.
  3. Go back to the graph window, select Format: Page... to open the Plot Details dialog.
  4. Go to the Display tab, make sure that the Connect line across Missing Data checkbox is unchecked.

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