1.227 FAQ-991 How to add equations and special characters in Graph?

Last Update: 10/11/2019

Origin provides three ways to help user insert equation or special characters in Graph.

Text Tool with Unicode Support LaTex App Insert Equation
Effect FAQ991 Text.png FAQ991 Latex.png FAQ991 Equation.png
Rotate X
User Friendly GUI Partly X Fully
Substitution from Workbook Header X
Weakness Do not support complex character such as square root, brace ect Need to install the corresponding software/plug-in in advance


Need to install the corresponding software/plug-in in advance


LaTex App

How to use the LaTex App
  1. Download the App from File Exchange page below using your web browser
  2. Drag and drop the OPX file to Origin to install it.
  3. Click the LaTex button in the Apps Gallery in the right side to use it
FAQ991 Latex Dialog.png
To show LaTex equation in Axis Title and Legend or workbook

To show LaTex equation in Axis Title and Legend

  • Add LaTeX equations to worksheet metadata area (e.g. Long Name, Units, Comments, etc.), using a \q() escape sequence.

If you also want the LaTex equation to be shown in workbook

FAQ991 Latex Workbook.png

You may need to refer to other web page for LaTex Language, such as the one below


  • The App should work together with Origin 2017 or latter version
  • You must have Mikitex and OAutotrace installed before you use the App

Insert Equation Tool

How to use the Insert Equation App
  1. When a graph is active, click Insert Equation button Button Insert Equation.png from the Tools toolbar
  2. Edit equations with MathType or Equation Editor dialog
    FAQ991 Insert Equation Dialog.png

To use the tool, you need to install the corresponding software/plug-in in advance

MathType (Not free)


Microsoft Equation Editor(Not available if you installed January 2018 Office Update (PU))

Text Tool with Unicode Support

How to add equations or special characters with text tool
Text tool equation.gif
Which font should be used for math equations

For simple equations, we can use text tool with math font. Usually we recommend following three popular math font

  • Times New Roman (Same font as MathType and some Tex tool)
  • Cambria Math (Same font as Equations in Microsoft Office)
  • Latin Modern Math (Same font as some Tex Tool)
Time New Roman (Italic) Cambria Math (Italic) Latin Modern Math (Italic)
FAQ991 Text.png FAQ991 Cambria Math.png FAQ991 Latin Modern Math.png
How can I find the unicode of special characters I need
Method 1: Refer to other Unicode Webpage
  1. Browser webpage for unicode reference, such as the one below
  2. Search the character you want such as keywords as combining dot

Combining characters can work together with other character to create special character.

Combining Character.gif

Method 2: Use Windows App - Character Map
  1. Search and Open the Window App: Character Map
  2. Choose the Font such as Times New Roman and Character Set as Unicode
  3. Set Group by = Unicode Subrange
  4. Choose desired subrange and find the symbol you want.
Character Map.gif

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