6.101 FAQ-1150 I see "The activation period for this license has expired" problem. What should i do?

Last Update: 9/4/2022

If you try to activate Origin (no matter online or offline way), after paste the license text into Enter License dialog, you get following error message:

Licensing Problem: The activation period for this license has expired. Please retrieve a license again, and enter it into the Origin license dialog before the activation period expires.

The problem may happen in Origin 2016 and earlier versions.

To fix this problem,

  • Make sure you enter the license text within the activation period, that is, online way 15 minutes and offline 24 hours.
  • If you do enter back the license within the activation period but still see this problem, please try following:
    1. Close Origin if it is still running.
    2. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer
    3. Browse to: C:\ProgramData\OriginLab\##\ (## is your Origin version number)
    4. Delete the entire folder
    5. Right-click on Origin program icon and Run as Administrator
    6. Use the Getting Started license dialog to obtain the license again, and paste the license from the website back into the Enter license dialog.

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