1.53 FAQ-172 How to clip a 3D graph?

Last Update: 10/12/2023

To clip 3D OpenGL plots within the current axis frame:

  1. With the 3D OpenGL graph window active, select Format: Layer to open the Plot Details dialog box.
  2. Go to the Miscellaneous tab and check Enable under Clipping.
  3. Choose by Percent or by Value(newly added since Origin 2020) as needed.
  4. Enter the From and To percent or value for X, Y and Z, respectively.
3d clipping.png

Note: 3D clipping is not supported for 3D Ternary Colormap Surface graphs.

Keywords:3D, Clip, Clipping, Margin, surface range, show certain axis range, specified axis range

Minimum Origin Version Required: 9.1 SR1