2.1.19 Memory Management


Name Brief Example
calloc calloc function is used to allocate an array in memory with elements initialized to 0. Examples
free Deallocates or frees a memory block that was allocated with malloc or calloc. Examples
GetHexDump Convert the given memory into a hex string with every byte represented by two hexidecimal characters. Examples
GlobalAlloc Memory allocated with this function is guaranteed to be aligned on an 8-byte boundary. Examples
GlobalFree The GlobalFree function frees the specified global memory object and invalidates its handle. Examples
GlobalHandle The GlobalHandle function retrieves the handle of the specified global memory object. Examples
GlobalLock The GlobalLock function locks a global memory object and returns a pointer to the first byte of the object's memory block. Examples
GlobalReAlloc The GlobalReAlloc function changes the size or attributes of a specified global memory object. The size can increase or decrease. Examples
GlobalSize The GlobalSize function retrieves the current size, in bytes, of the specified global memory object. Examples
GlobalUnlock The GlobalUnlock function decrements the lock count associated with a memory object that was allocated with GMEM_MOVEABLE. This function has no effect on memory objects allocated with GMEM_FIXED. Examples
malloc Allocates a certain number of bytes on heap. Examples