2.1.7 Data Range


Name Brief Example
check_cols_in_range_with_same_datatype Check whether all columns in selected data range have same data type or not. Examples
check_each_subrange_same_row_num Check whether each subrange in selected data range has the same row number or not. Examples
find_input_range_bounding_box Find out the correct column range, row range and corresponding worksheet according to the range name. Examples
find_nearest_xy_at_x For the given data range which is constructed from a graph layer, find the data plot xy values according to the given x Examples
get_data_from_dr_to_mat Get data from input data range, then put it to matrix Examples
get_interative_selection_range Gets the selected range string Examples
get_xy_data Get xy data from data range Examples
okoc_compare_obj_ranges Compare two range strings and check to see if they resolved into same object Examples
okoc_get_range_str Get range string Examples
okutil_getn_update_ranges Update GetN tree's range string, and other theme values Examples
okutil_parse_row_range Parse a row range portion of a range string to break down to its components. Caller must initialize all output arguments to i1=-1 and bAuto1 = false etc. Examples
okxf_init_range_from_string Construct data range by string. Examples
okxf_resolve_tree_construct_range Construct data range by tree. Examples
okxf_resolve_tree_get_data_into_vector Gets data from the range contained in the tree. Examples
parse_data_range_str Parse a range string to separate detail information items. Examples
set_cols_in_range_to_same_datatype Set all columns in selected data range to same data type if columns have different data type. Examples
FindRangeByName Find a named range Examples
RangeName Add new named range, or update existing named range Examples