3.16.1 Get XY Coordinate of Min/Max Z From Matrix

Version Info

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin8 SR0

Get XY Coordinate of Minimum/Maximum Z From Matrix

This example will show how to get the XY coordinate of the minimum/maximum Z value from a matrix.

void get_xy_coordinate_min_max_z()
	// get the matrix object
	MatrixLayer ml = Project.ActiveLayer();
		out_str("Please activate a matrix.");
	MatrixObject mo = ml.MatrixObjects(0);
		out_str("Please make sure that there is a valid matrix object");
	// get number of column and row
	int nCols = mo.GetNumCols();
	int nRows = mo.GetNumRows();
	// get matrix data and find the indices of min/max
	Matrix& mat = mo.GetDataObject();
	uint iStart = 0;  // start data index
	uint iEnd = nCols*nRows-1;  // end data index
	uint iMinIndex, iMaxIndex;

    // get indices of min/max z
	ocmath_d_minmax(mat, iStart, iEnd, &iMinIndex, &iMaxIndex);  

	// convert the indices to column/row indices
	int iMaxRow = iMaxIndex/nCols;
	int iMaxCol = iMaxIndex%nCols;
	int iMinRow = iMinIndex/nCols;
	int iMinCol = iMinIndex%nCols;
	// get min and max z value
	double dMin = mat[iMinRow][iMinCol];
	double dMax = mat[iMaxRow][iMaxCol];
	// get the xy coordinate for min/max z value
	double dXMin = mat.GetXValue(iMinCol);
	double dYMin = mat.GetYValue(iMinRow);
	double dXMax = mat.GetXValue(iMaxCol);
	double dYMax = mat.GetYValue(iMaxRow);
	// print the result
	printf("The minimum Z = %f\nThe maximum Z = %f\n", dMin, dMax);
	printf("The XY coordinate of minimum Z is (%f, %f)\n", dXMin, dYMin);
	printf("The XY coordinate of maximum Z is (%f, %f)\n", dXMax, dYMax);