The Weibull Fit Dialog Box

Weibullfit Dialog.png


Specify input data range, including time data range and censor data range

Time Range Specify time data column
Censor Range Specify censor data column

Censoring Value(s)

Specify the censor subject value, which identifies which time values in the observation data set are censored.

Estimation Method

Specify the estimation method. Two methods are supported:

Confidence Level(%) for Parameters

Text box to enter a confidence level to be used when computing errors for the survival function and upper and lower limits of the quartile estimates

Covariance Matrix

Select this check box to output covariance matrix. It is only accessible when Estimation Method is set to Least Squares.


Specify the plot types to be exported in the result sheet.

Probability Plot

Select to include a Weibull probability plot in the result worksheet.

Percentile Line

Available only when Probability Plot is selected. Select this checkbox to add percentile lines to probability plot.

Specify Percentile Lines by Specify the type of percentile lines.
  • Percent(%)
Specify percentile lines by percentage.
  • Time

Specify percentile lines by time.

Percent Value(%) Specify the percent value when Percent(%) is selected for Specify Percentile Lines by.
Time Value Specify the time value when Time is selected for Specify Percentile Lines by.

Survival Plot

Select to include a Weibull survival curve in the result worksheet.

Hazard Plot

Select to include a Weibull hazard curve in the result worksheet.


Output Results

Specify the report worksheet destination.

Plot Date

Specify the destination of the plot data.

Results Log Output

If this check box is checked, the result will be output to Results log.


Refer to this page.