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  • Menu Command: Analysis: Signal Processing: Wavelet: Smooth
  • Window Types: Workbook, Graph
  • X-Function Scripting and GUI Examples: wtsmooth(Pro)
Dialog Theme See Dialog Themes.

See Recalculating Analysis Results.


Specifies the input signal. See Specifying Your Input Data.

Wavelet Type

Specifies the type of the wavelet used in multi-level wavelet decomposition and reconstruction.

  • Haar: Haar wavelet
  • DBN: Daubechies wavelet (N = wavelet order and no. of vanishing moments)
  • BiorNr.Nd: Biorthogonal (Nr = wavelet order or scaling functions used for reconstruction; Nd = order of the functions used for decomposition)
Extension Mode
  • Periodic: The input signal will be viewed as periodic.
  • Zero-padded: The data points outside the input range will be viewed as zeroes.

Specifies the output for the reconstructed signal.See Output Results.

Cutoff (%)

Specifies the percentage of detail coefficients to be cut off.


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