17.1.2 Statistics on Rows


Descriptive statistics are used to describe the basic characteristics of datasets. It summarizes aspects, such as the mean score, standard derivation, quantiles, number of samples, etc.

Statistics on rows is used to summarize aspects of data, which is stored in rows.

Statistics on Rows.png

Handling Missing Values

Missing values in the data range will be excluded in analysis. The Statistics on Rows dialog provides the option to output the number of missing values in each row.

Performing Statistics on Rows

To generate row stats on a range of data:

  1. Select Statistics: Descriptive Statistics: Statistics on Rows. This opens the Statistics on Rows dialog box.
  2. Specify the data range to be analyzed in the Input Data branch and specify descriptive statistics in the Quantities to Compute branch.
  3. Optionally, lists under the Computation Control branch provide options for calculating moments and quantiles.
  4. Upon clicking OK, a report table is generated that show the specified statistics.

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