22.2.3 The Export Graph as Image Dialog Box

The Export Graph as Image dialog is a simpler tool to export the current graph as a raster image file.

Export Graph as Image Dialog 01.png

If you want to do some advanced settings during exporting the graphs, you are supposed to use the Export Graph dialog instead.

Image Type

Here, Origin supports four general image types: PNG (default), BMP, JPEG and TIFF.

File Name

Specify the file name for the exported image. By default, the long name of current graph will be used.

File Path

Specify a path to store the exported image file. By default, user files folder will be used.


Specify the resolution of the exported image in DPI (dots per inch).

Width/Height in Pixels

Adjust the width and height of the image in pixels. By default, Auto is checked which means the actual graph size will be used.