29.11.4 Sankey Map

Sankey Map 01.png

Data Requirements

Select 6 columns at least, the column designation should be XYYYYY.

First 2 columns are used to definded the node position on the map; Third column is used to define the node lables; Fourth and Fifth column are used to define the link by node lables from 3rd column, or 0-based index of source and target nodes. Sixth column is used to define the weight of the links.

Sankey Map SampleData.png

Creating the Graph

  1. Select required data.
  2. Select Plot > Categorical: Sankey Map.

For information on the customizing allivial diagrams, see these topics:


sankeyMap.otpu (installed to the EXE folder of Origin)


Sankey Map is an enhanced variety of Sankey diagram,which positions the nodes with map coordinates on a map.

You can show or hide nodes in whole or in part with the Show drop-down list in Node tab of Plot Details dialog. Once you selected to show the nodes, the nodes will be shown as bubbles by default; Furthermore, you are also allowed to select Show In&Out Pie Chart for Node to show the nodes as pie charts.

For this kind of Sankey on map, Origin supports to add links from/to any side of the nodes which are shown as bubbles. By default, a link from node A to node B need to calculate horizontal and vertical distance between node center:

  • if delta_h>=delta_v, then the link input and output should be in horizontal direction, and connect between neighbor side.
  • if delta_h<delta_v, then the link input and output should be in vertical direction, and connect between neighbor side.

For a link special point(double-clicking on a link with CTRL pressed), you are allowed to specify which side of node two ends should link to.