27.3.6 Row Wise Graph

Row Wise Graph.png

Data Requirements

Select two or more Y columns or a range of data from at least two Y columns.

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

From the menu, select Plot > Basic 2D: Row-Wise.


Click the Row-Wise button on the 2D Graphs toolbar.

Row Wise toolbar.png

You can refer to the section below for the detailed dialog controls:

The plot_rowwise Dialog Box

Row Wise dialog.png
Rowwise Data This branch is used to specify the input data.
Y Label in Specify a column as plot legend.
X Data in Specify X axis value for the graph. The available options are as below:
  • 1st row in selection
Use the values of the first row in the selection.
  • 1st row in sheet
Use the values of the first row in the worksheet.
  • Column label
Use the values of the column labels in the worksheet. It will allow you to select a column label row from the Column Label drop-down list.
  • Custom
Use this option to allow manual selection of data with the X Row Range box. Please note the values can only be selected from the same worksheet.
Column label Available when X Data in=Column label. Specify Long Name, Unit or Comments as X data.
X Row Range Available when X Data in=Custom. Specify a row range as X data.
Plot Type Specify plot type to Line, Scatter, Line+Symbol, Column or Bar.
Output Specify where to output the calculated data.


rowwise.otpu (installed to the Origin program folder).