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2.1.5 Analysis Results: The Results Log

Origin automatically types many analysis and fitting results to the Results Log. Each entry in the Results Log includes a date/time stamp, the window name, a numeric stamp which is the Julian day, the type of analysis performed, and the results.

Results The Results Log-1.png

Displaying the Results Log

In most cases, when results are reported or typed out to the Results Log, it opens automatically.

To manually open (and close) the Results Log:

  1. Click the Results Log button Button Results Log.png on the Standard toolbar.


  1. From the Origin menu, select View:Results Log.


  1. Press ALT + 2.

Opening and closing the Results Log only controls its view state. You do not lose results by closing the Log.

Copy/Print/Clear/View the Results Log

Right-click in the Results Log to open a shortcut menu with commands to copy, print, clear, and view results in other Project Explorer folders.

Result log-4.png

Float Dock and Auto-Hide the Results Log Window

Please refer to Float Dock and Auto-Hide Windows in User Guide for more details.


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