4.3.5 Resetting Column Short Names

From version 2017, Origin will (re)name worksheet columns Short Name automatically. Column Short Name can therefore be used as notation in column formula. If you have inserted or moved columns within the worksheet, you will notice that worksheet column Short Names are renamed according to column index, similar column naming mechanism to Excel spreadsheet. The column Short Name cannot be edited in this situation.

To enable editing, uncheck Spreadsheet Cell Notation checkbox in the Properties tab of Window Properties dialog. You can then use the Reset Column Short Names (wmvsn) dialog to reset Short Names for all columns in the worksheet. To open this dialog box:

  1. Activate the intended worksheet.
  2. Enter
    wmvsn -d;
    in the Command Window and press Enter.

Dialog Options


Specify the worksheet to reset.

Short Name Prefix

Specify a string prefix for column Short Names. When the wmvsn dialog box is closed, column Short Names are reset by applying your prefix and enumerating columns from left to right within the worksheet. Note that the prefix was limited to three characters.

Move To Label Row

Preserve existing Short Name strings by moving them to a column label row.

Option list:

  • None
Do not move the current Short Names to any column label row.
  • Long Name
Move the current Short Names to the Long Name column label row.
  • Units
Move the current Short Names to the Units column label row.
  • Comments
Move the current Short Names to the Comments column label row.
  • Parameters 1
Move the current Short Names to the first Parameters column label row.
  • Parameters 2:
Move the current Short Names to the second Parameters column label row.
  • User Parameter 1
Move the current Short Names to the first user-defined parameter row.
  • User Parameter 2
Move the current Short Names to the second user-defined parameter row.
Support Undo

Allow Edit: Undo.


Suppose you want to move worksheet column Short Names to the Long Name row and change Short names to "abc1", "abc2", etc...:

  1. Activate the worksheet.
  2. Select Worksheet: Reset Column Short Names from the main menu to open the Data Manipulation\Worksheet: wmvsn dialog box.
  3. The active worksheet is automatically picked up as the input worksheet.
  4. Enter abc for Short Name Prefix.
  5. Select Long Name from the Move To Label Row drop-down list.
  6. Click OK.