25.5.3 Rserve Console

To start the RServe Console tool, select Connectivity: Rserve Console from the Origin menu.


The dialog for logging in Rserve Console, please refer to Setup Rserve.


Specify the IP address of the server computer.


Specify the Port number.

Login with username and password

Check this checkbox to input user name and password.


Type in the user name contained in RserveAuth.txt.


Type in the password contained in RserveAuth.txt.

Rserve Console

The R Serve Console for executing R Script and exchange data between Origin and R.

Origin Range

Specify the data range in Origin to be exchanged with R.

Data as

Specify the R data format when passing Origin range variables to R

  • Vector
Pass the data as R vector
  • Matrix
Pass the data as R matrix
  • Matrix
Pass the data as R data frame
Send Data button

RserveButton.png Controls sending data from Origin to R or sending data from R to Origin.

R object

Specify the R variable by name to receive data from Origin or send data to Origin.

R Script input dialog

The console for inputting R command lines.


Please view this page for example.