6.7 Partial Importing and Re-Importing

Video Image.png See more related video:Partial Import

When you are interested in only part of a data file -- which might be the case, for instance, if the file is large, contains extraneous data and is slow to import -- you can opt for a partial file import. Origin supports partial import for ASCII, binary (using Import Wizard), comma-separated (CSV), MS Excel, pCLAMP (ABF, DAT), and Sound (WAV).

Re-importing, as the name suggests, allows you to repeat the import of a file that has been imported previously. You may want to use this feature when the imported file has been updated -- direct import with no change of options -- or you want to use different import options. Both are performed via menu commands on the File: Import menu. The re-importing feature is available for ASCII and some third-party files.