The (Plot Details) Map Tab

This tab can be used to control the arrangement and display of the polygons or bar/column in a Stiff Map/Bar Map diagram.

The (Plot Details) Map Tab.png
The (Plot Details) Map Tab 01.png
For Whole Stiff Map
For Special Stiff Point
The (Plot Details) Map Tab 02.png
The (Plot Details) Map Tab 02a.png
For Bar Map
For Special Bar Point or Pie Point

Scale controls for Stiff

Control the scale of the stiff polygons.

All Axes Share Same Scale

Specify whether the axes of all stiffs share same scales. If this check box isn't checked, Origin will set proper scale range automatically. For example, cation scale is 3, anion scale is 9, then axes for this subject could be 5~0~10. If all axes share same scale, then the scale should be decided by maximum cation value and maximum anion value.

The size of the stiffs is only decided by maximum cation value, maximum anion value and the stiff dimension.

Cation and Anion Share Same Scale

Specify whether the Cation and Anion within each stiff share same scale

Maximum Cation Value

Specify the maximum value for the Cation part. This will decide the length of the cation axis, not the maximum scale of the cation axis.

Maximum Anion Value

Specify the maximum value for the Anion part. This will decide the length of the anion axis, not the maximum scale of the anion axis.

Stiff Dimension

Specify the size of the individual stiffs.


Specify the unit to define the size of the stiffs. You can check the details about the unit here.


Specify the width of the stiff point in the unit specified above.


Specify the height of the stiff point in the unit specified above.

Horizontal Axes

Specify to show which part of the horizontal axes for the stiffs.

You can decide whether show the Axis Title, Tick labels and Axis Line and Ticks and the style of these axis components.


Specify the horizontal offset and vertical offset to reposition the special Stiff/Bar/Pie point. For Stiff map, the unit is percentage of the stiff dimension; for Bar map, the unit is percentage of maximum bar height; for Pie map, the offset base on the value (layer width+layer height)/2.

Leader Line

Specify whether show a leader line to connect the original position and current position of the special point. You can define the basic style of the leader line with the Line Style control.

Show Vertical Axes Line

Specify whether show the vertical axes line for the stiff points.


Specify whether show frame for the stiff points. You can selectively add a box or add a box with shadow effect around each stiff.

Then, you are allowed to change the Border Color and Fill Color of the box, and furthermore you can specify the Margin for the box to adjust the box size, in the unit of % Font Height.

Bar Size(For Bar Map)


Specify a unit to scale the bar width and height.


Specify the bar width based on the unit above.

Maximum Height

Specify a height for the highest bar in all bar charts. All bar will be scaled within this maximum height.

Orientation(For Bar Map)

Switch the plot type for bar map between Column(vertical) or Bar(horizontal).

To make adjustments to Bar Width, Bar Height and Orientation, click on a plot and use these Mini Toolbar buttons.

PD Map tab MT width height orientation.png

Anchor(For Bar Map)

Specify how to position the bar chart on the map. Options are Center (default, center of the bar plot) or Bar Base.

Stack(For Bar Map)

Stack the columns/bars at same position. In this case, Maximum Height means the height of the stacked column/bar.

Normalize to Percent(For Bar Map)

Specify whether normalize the bar/column values once you selected to stack them. Th total height of the stacked bar/column should be decided by the Maximum Height.