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Surface Tab 2 1.png

Note: prior to Origin 2016, xyz (worksheet data) were normalized before surface plots were generated; Beginning with Origin 2016, raw x and y data values are used. See Normalize Data for XYZ Contour/Surface Plot.



Check this check box to flat the surface on the bottom XY plane.

Shift in Z by percent of scale range, 0=bottom, 100=top

Check this check box to enter a number among 0 and 100 to shift the XY panel at Z axis.


Specify the transparency of the surface.

Parametric Surface

This check box is only available when the graph source is matrixes. Check this box to make X Matrix and Y Matrix drop down list available.

With these two drop-down list, you can specify the matrix objects as X and Y matrix to plot a paramatric surface.


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