The (Plot Details) Side Walls Tab

Side walls are 2D walls that extend from the height of the surface down to the Z axis:

  • X side walls display in the XZ plane.
  • Y side walls display in the YZ plane.

The Side Walls tab, located in the Plot Details dialog, provides controls for displaying the side walls and customizing their color.

Sidewalls tab.png


Select this check box to display X and Y side walls in the graph.


Select a color from the drop-down list for X and Y side walls. To hide either the X or Y side walls, select None from the associated drop-down list.


To set the transparency of the side walls move the slider or enter a desired integer from 0 to 100 in the combination box. Note that 0 means the symbol is not transparent at all, and 100 means the symbol is fully transparent.

Check the Auto box to using the transparency setting in surface tab.