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Outline Tab 01.png
Outline Tab for 3D Bars (XYZ) graph.
Outline Tab 02.png
Outline Tab for XYY 3D Bars graph.
Outline Tab 03.png
Outline Tab for 3D Wall or 3D Waterfall
Outline Tab 04.png
Outline Tab for 3D Ribbons graph.

Keep Shape (3D Bars)

Specify whether to keep the shape (i.e. the aspect ratio of the bar width in X and Z direction for XYY 3D Bars plot) of 3D Bars graph.

When the Keep Shape box is unchecked,

  • XYZ 3D Bars plot: display X Direction Bar Width(in %) and Y Direction Bar Width(in %) sliders
  • XYY 3D Bars plot: display X Direction Bar Width(in %) and Z Direction Bar Width(in %) sliders

X/Y/Z Direction Bar Width(in %)(3D Bars)

These sliders are used to control the width of the bar on X/Y/Z direction, on a scale from 0 to 100. This value is a percent of the bar width.
100 means there is no spacing between the bars in that direction.
0 means the bar will be displayed as a plane in that direction.

Width (in %)

For the XYZ 3D Bars graph, checking Keep Shape box makes this check box available. Adjust the bar width in both X and Y directions.

For 3D XYY graphs(3D Wall/3D Waterfall/3D Ribbons), adjust the wall/ribbon width in the Z direction. For 3D waterfall graphs, the width is set to 0 by default.

Base Plane at

Specify the base line at Zero or minimum of Y axis(XYY 3D Bars plot) or Z axis(XYZ 3D Bar plot).

Shift in Z by percent of scale range, 0=bottom, 100=top (XYZ 3D Bars)

Check this check box to enter a number between 0 and 100 and shift the base plane along the Z axis.


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