9.2.9 The (Plot Details) Miscellaneous Tab for the Graph Layer

This tab is available when the 3D graph layer is selected in the left panel of the Plot Details dialog. In this tab, you can control the clipping, projection and shearing.

Plot details miscellaneous tab.png
Miscellaneous Tab for 3D OpenGL Graphs in Cartesian Coordinate System
Plot details miscellaneous tab ternary.png
Miscellaneous Tab for 3D OpenGL Graphs in 3D Ternary Coordinate System


This group controls clipping of X, Y, and Z data. Clipping confines data display of data to the space defined by the axis scale values. This group will be grayed out for 3D ternary graphs.


Check this check box to enable XYZ clipping. When this check box is checked, only the XYZ data specified between % From and % To of the Axis Scale will show on the graph.

% From

Specify a start percentage for X, Y or Z. Note that if this value is less than 0, the display will extend outside the Axis From value.

% To

Specify an end percentage for X, Y or Z. Note that if this value is greater than 100, the display will extend outside the Axis To value.


This drop-down list is used to set the projection of the 3D graph.

  • Perspective
    Show the 3D graph in perspective projection. In perspective projections, as an object gets farther from the viewer it will appear smaller on the screen- an effect often referred to as foreshortening. The viewing volume for a perspective projection is a frustum, which looks like a pyramid with the top cut off, with the narrow end toward the observer.
  • Orthographic
    Show the 3D graph in orthographic projection. Orthographic, or parallel, projections involve no perspective correction. There is no adjustment made for distance from the observer in these projections, meaning objects on the screen will appear the same size no matter how close or far away they are.

Perspective Angle (0-30)

In addition to rotating the 3D graph, you can change the perspective angle. This edit box is only available when the Projection drop-down list is set to Perspective.

When you change the perspective angle you change the effective distance from the observation point. Type the desired perspective angle (in degrees) in the Perspective Angle text box. You are limited to a range of 0 to 30 degrees. You can also use the 3D Rotation Toolbar to change the perspective angle.

Enable Shearing

This group is not available for 3D ternary graphs.

Check the Enable Shearing box to set the X Offset and Y/Z Offset to shear the 3D graph in the X/Y or X/Z direction (For 3D XYY graphs, you are able to set the X and Y offsets; for 3D XYZ/Matrix graphs, you are able to set the X and Z offsets). The offset value is the percentage of the shearing distance in the X/Y or X/Z direction. For example, an X offset = -100 moves the back X-axis horizontally to the right to a distance 100% of the length of the X axis.

Plot details miscellaneous tab 2.png

After checking this box, the Skew button is added to the OpenGL 3D toolbar that becomes available when you click on a graph. Using the tool on your graph will update the offset values in the dialog.

Note that this control is not available for 3D ternary surface graphs.

Z Value Source

This option is only available for 3D XYY graphs and works like the control on the Waterfall tab of 2D waterfall graphs.