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This tab is only available when you create a waterfall graph with color mapping. It provides controls for customizing the levels, fill color, and rescale mode.

The Plot Details Color Map Tab 1.png

Level and Fill

The Plot Details Color Map Tab 2.png

Origin displays a default set of levels by finding the minimum and maximum values along Y direction or Z direction, then calculating an increment that creates eight color levels. Two additional levels are added to represent values less than the minimum or greater than the maximum value. Individual values may be edited in the list by double-clicking. You can also click the Level header to open the Set Levels dialog. Then you can edit the levels as a group.


By default, Origin uses a color list that introduces Yellow and Green between limits of Red and Blue. Individual colors may be edited in the list by clicking or you can click on the Fill header to open the Fill dialog where you can edit the fill method and properties as a group.

Editing Levels

To edit a level value:

  1. Double-click on the level. This allows direct edit of the level value. Values are restricted to those between the previous Level value and the next Level value.

To edit the full range of levels:

  1. Click on the Level heading. This opens the Set Levels dialog box (see next).
The Plot Details Color Map Tab 3.png

To customize the minimum or maximum level:

  1. Type the desired value in the associated text box.


  1. Click Find Min/Max button to automatically set the From and To text box values, based on your values.


  1. Click Find Group Min/Max button to set the From and To as the minimum and maximum value among the grouped datasets in graph page, respectively.

Select the type for the scale. Please see details about the scale type here. Additionally, you can set the interval between levels or you can specify the number of levels manually by setting the value of Major Levels and Minor Levels.

  • Major Levels: Set the absolute number of major levels shown in the color range.
  • Minor Levels: Specify the number of minor levels to display between adjacent major levels.

You also can set the First Level item to specify the value of the first major level.

Editing Fills

  • To edit a single fill color, click directly on the color in the Fill column. Choose a color from the Fill Color list.
  • To edit a range of fill colors, select a contiguous range of values in the Level column (using Ctrl key or Shift key) then click the Fill header to open the Fill dialog box.
The Plot Details Color Map Tab 4.png
  • Select the Limited Mixing radio button to select a minimum level fill color (From) and a maximum level fill color (To) and to fill the levels between these extremes with a linear mix of the two colors.
  • Select the Introducing Other Colors in Mixing radio button to have Origin automatically introduce complementary colors into the mix. This option provides fill colors that are more distinct than the Limited Mixing option.
  • Select the LoadPalette radio button, then click the Select Palette button. Three check boxes are added:
  • Link to Palette: Disable editing of colors by clicking on a color in the Fill column.
  • Flip palette: Reverses color order.
  • Stretch to Full Range: Colors in the palette will be repeated or skipped to n, where n is the number of color map levels in the input graph layer. If this checkbox is clear and n is less than 256, only the first n colors in the palette will be used. If the checkbox is clear and n is more than 256, the entire set of colors in the palette will be repeated as many times as needed.
  • The Range group displays the range of levels that are affected by the current dialog box settings. To alter the range, you must close the dialog box and select the desired range from the Level column of the Colormap tab and then click the Fill header again.

If you want to edit all the levels, make sure that no more than one level is selected from the Level column (or that all the levels are selected).

Level Group

Use the buttons in this group to insert or delete levels.

To insert a level:

  1. Highlight the level that is directly below the level to be added.
  2. Click the Insert button in the Level group. Origin inserts a level value halfway between the selected level and the previous level.

To delete a level:

  1. Click on the level to select it and then click the Delete button in the Level group. When you delete a level, the other levels do not change.

Colormap Theme Group

There are four buttons in this group for color map theme operation. Please note that the check-box of Include Levels and Colors Only is gray-out and checked.

  • Copy Button

Copy the current color mapping to the clipboard.

  • Paste Button

Once there is color mapping available in the clipboard, this button will be activated for pasting the color mapping in the clipboard to replace the current one.

  • Save Button

Save the current color mapping as *.oth file.

  • Load Button

Load a color mapping saved as *.oth file to replace the current one.

Rescale Mode

The Rescale Mode drop-down list allows you to control whether or not the levels that are established on the Colormap tab will update if the current values change.


Origin automatically finds the minimum and maximum values in your data set, and then creates evenly sized levels and associated colors.


Current levels and associated colors set on the Colormap tab will remain fixed, independent of the range of your data set. To alter the levels and colors, you must edit the Level and Fill controls.

Fixed From

The minimum level remains unchanged, independent of the values in your data set.

Fixed To

The maximum level remains unchanged, independent of the values in your data set.


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